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The justed war

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The war justed

Abraham arrived in the Holy land,where Lot he's nephew wae
for Kings.s kidnapped by th
Abraham had no choice, he had to fight the Kings to free his nephew.
He wins the war and releases Lot (Genesis).
Abraham was a man of kindness and hospitable,but when it was necessary he was a man of war.
Not so long ago we went through the darkest hour of the Holocaust, that killed six miljon Jews.
But G'd blessed us, we survived the inferno and we were able to go back to our land and bilt a homeland .
We as a nation don't want to make war, it's not our way. But as history has shown, as far back a Abraham battling to freedom his nephew Lot from the Kings that we can't rise up to the occasion of fighting and overcoming those who try to devour to destroy us. The evel forces are stille there, Through our existence since the state of Israel was decreed, again we had to go through horrific times, but no longer as victims who can't defend themselves.
We are not longer  victims, we are not conqueros either, but we have the right, the moral right to defent ourselves.
In the whole history of this little Jewish country we have had alot of wars, soldiers were kidnapped, civilians were murdered, 3 boys were kidnapped who just wanted to come home from scool, the whole country is under rocket bombardement.
We are the children of Abraham, and you can see it !
Where in the world would you see an army monitory their enemy before they attac ?
Where in the world would you see the army treats it's enemy's wounded ?
Where would you see a country given electricity and water to their enemys ?
we don't want to fight ! We want to leave in pease,but it is understandable that we can't give up our home.
Like Abraham you need to know that there  is time to be kindness and hospitablity,
but there  is olso a time to be determined and to fight.
The war against Hamas is a war against terrorism.
It's importent to understand that fighting these terrorist is fighting against the evel in the all world.
Elimination the terrorism will help the whole world.
There will come a time when the lamb will sit with the lion and all the peoples of the world will live in peace.
Till then we have a lot of work to do, and you can be the  the one who can help advance it.
You can be the importent voice !
How ?
You can help by suporting morality and justice, by express solidarity with us.
'Be blessed all the families of the earth' (Genesis)
This is the blessing of Abraham to all the nations of the world.
We hope for good news for us and the all world.



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