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The curses and blessings

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The curses and blessings

I am standing here in front of Mount Grezem and Mount Aival.

Between these two mountains was the event of the blessings and the curses. The people of Israel left Egypt, from slavery to freedom, walked for 40 years in the desert, and entered the promised land.

Their first stop was here, between these two mountains. Here the Jewish people received again the Torah and here the Jewish people became responsible for each other.

What does the event of the blessings and curses come to tell us ?

The world has a Creator, who created laws. Laws of nature and laws of spirituality. Only one who created the world can give over the laws which of how one must act in his world. The blessings and the curses are actually God's guidances for these laws. The Torah is the source for all materialistic and spiritual abundance that comes down to the world. During the time of Exile, we don't see clearly the connection between the Torah and the abundance that flaws from it. This is because the Exile conceals this connection from us. In the redemption when the truth will be revealed, there will be great plentyfulness and peace in the world. The test of faith is to see and reveal, during the time of darkness and hiddenness when God's truth is hidden, the true character that we see in actual reality. We live in a period of time when the truth is hidden,when the votes are against the Jewish people, and they're looked at as if all the Arab problem is because of them. This is a period when the Jewish people are boycotted like a flook of sheep without any deep thought or investigation of the matter. Today's Europe is just a matter of time.

When will it be conquered by Islam ?

Maybe Europe wanted to make amends for the Holocaust ?

Maybe this is it's reason to be so humanitarian and to offer a home for any foreigner who has none. However, the reality is developing in a different direction. The numbers of aliens are becaming larger and they are bringing over their large families.Then they complain about the lack of hospitality and even ask you to make room for Islam, not always in a pleasant way, but rather usually in a violent way. So perhaps it is just a matter of time before Europe becoms Moslem, and then they will blame you for the conquest...

Then where will you go ?

Is it not absurd that we are blamed for our unwillingness to die ?!

And our unwillingness to give up on our home ?

The Holy Land is God's land that He promised to Abraham. We have been living ever since in the Holy Land. Jerusalem was founded by King David. Through at all the thousands of years, every Jew prays in the direction of Jerusalem.We were barely alive when we arrived in our land after the Second World War. Without any time for preparation ,the Arab nations opened up in war against us in 1948 because they refused to live together with us. Only through miracles of miracles, the few against the many ,the weak against the strong, did we win the war. We rose up and built a state . This is a state which contributes greatly to the entire world.

Miracles occur only when God decides to make them happen. The Holy Land is full of miracles .

This is a small proof of God 's Will that we should be here. God created man and instilled within him positive and negative powers. These are the laws of the Creator. Our battle as human beings is to get up every morning to fight and conquer all negative powers and to strengthan our good and positive ones.

 We will conclude with the blessing of our forefather, Abraham: "And all of the nations of the world will be blessed through you."

Abraham strengthens all the nations of the world in his words.  "Stand by my son and I will bless you with all that is good."

Only in this way will you be able to bring goodness to the world

Each one of you is a representative in God's world, a representative that can spread the goodness.

I bless you that you will be good emissaries in deeds, thought and prayer.

"Everything in the world - whatever exists and whatever happens -  is a test that is meant to grant you free choice."


Choose with wisdom...




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