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In the merit of Joseph the Righteous

Joseph dreams a dream "Here the sun and moon and 11 stars are bowing down to me".
This dream he tells his father and brothers. Joseph immediately understands the meaning of the dream. He will be king and his mother and father (sun and moon)  and 11 brothers (the stars) will bow down to him. Yaakov knew this dream would come true, so he waited for it to happen. His anticipation was to speak positively and with hope. Why did he wait for Joseph to become king and for the brothers to bow down to him ?
What was Joseph's uniqueness ?
His uniqueness was that he remained righteous; when he was sold as a slave and was taken down to Egypt, when he was in prison, and when he was the king's assistant and ruled over the kingdom. He wasn't bothered by the world's difficulties because he clung to God.
Yosef was always thankful to God and saw His ways in the good and in the bad.The thankfulness we have for everything in our reality, for the good and the seemingly not good, changes our lives. Our strength is in our clinging to God without getting mixed up. Our strength is in our thankfulness for each and everything. And our strength is in our anticipation and awaiting.
With the help of God, we should merit to see "the light of Mashiach" in the way that each one sees it in his eyes and the coming of the true redemption.



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