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Why are the Jewish People in Israel called thieves and occupiers by the world nations ?

The Torah that was given to the Jewish People is primarily a book of instructions and commandments to the People of Israel. It consists of directions from the L-rd as to how to behave, to act, and to live in His world. Although the Torah is the instruction book, the Book of Genesis (the first book), does not begin with laws, as we would expect, but opens with the story of the creation of the world. Why is this so?
This was done in order to explain to us that the world was created by G-d, and, therefore, the world belongs to Him. For that reason He is able to give what He wants to whom He wishes.
After the flood, Noah divided the world amongst his sons - Shem, Ham, and Yafeth. Shem, who was the great-grandfather of our forefather Abraham, was given the Land of Israel. Later, after the Canaanites occupied the Land, it was promised to Abraham, the first Jew in the world. Here in Elon Moreh Abraham (in the name of the People of Israel) received the blessing from G-d, “All the land that you see is yours and for your descendants forever".
So what is the source of the claim that we are occupiers and thieves? Many nations occupy parts of another nations’ lands and no one demands that they return the occupied land. Most of the countries of Europe and America were established by the conquering of parts of existing countries. More so, according to the history of Israel, the Holy Land belongs to the Jewish People from the beginning of time! It was passed down from Noah to Shem to Abraham to the Jewish People. At one point in history the Canaanites conquered the land and were there when the Children of Israel came from Egypt, but it was not theirs.
So why is there a claim that we are occupiers and thieves, generation after generation, up to today?
Here is the problem of all the nations!! They wanted this land to be like other countries and not conquered forever. But the Holy Land cannot be like other countries. It is the only country in the world that was given by G-d to one specific People - Israel. That is why the Land of Israel is sanctified and still belongs to the Jewish People, even after they were exiled for 2000 years. It is still our country. Even after we were thrown out of our land and went into exile, the Land continued to be ours.
The Land is not governed by the regular laws that govern other countries of the world. Any other country can be transferred from one nation to another, but not the Land of Israel.
Because of this claim by the nations of the world, the Torah begins with the story of the creation of the world to remind us that the world belongs to G-d and that He has the ability to change the essence of the land occupied by Canaan and to return it to Israel – forever.
Anyone who believes in G-d knows this is the truth.
Anyone who believes in G-d can understand that this Land belongs to Israel.
Anyone who believes in G-d knows that by accepting this fact, he is doing the will of G-d. He has the ability to join others working for the good of this Holy Country by participating in good activities and praying to G-d for the sake of the Holy Land. In so doing, he will be blessed by the blessing of  G-d to Abraham.
I pray that we will be worthy of good tidings, prosperity, and salvation.



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