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Wednesday, 12 December 2018 09:47

Où passe l'argent des Français

Wednesday, 28 November 2018 18:47

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Sunday, 28 August 2016 18:27

Why are the Jewish People...

Why are the Jewish People in Israel called thieves and occupiers by the world nations ?

The Torah that was given to the Jewish People is primarily a book of instructions and commandments to the People of Israel. It consists of directions from the L-rd as to how to behave, to act, and to live in His world. Although the Torah is the instruction book, the Book of Genesis (the first book), does not begin with laws, as we would expect, but opens with the story of the creation of the world. Why is this so?
This was done in order to explain to us that the world was created by G-d, and, therefore, the world belongs to Him. For that reason He is able to give what He wants to whom He wishes.
After the flood, Noah divided the world amongst his sons - Shem, Ham, and Yafeth. Shem, who was the great-grandfather of our forefather Abraham, was given the Land of Israel. Later, after the Canaanites occupied the Land, it was promised to Abraham, the first Jew in the world. Here in Elon Moreh Abraham (in the name of the People of Israel) received the blessing from G-d, “All the land that you see is yours and for your descendants forever".
So what is the source of the claim that we are occupiers and thieves? Many nations occupy parts of another nations’ lands and no one demands that they return the occupied land. Most of the countries of Europe and America were established by the conquering of parts of existing countries. More so, according to the history of Israel, the Holy Land belongs to the Jewish People from the beginning of time! It was passed down from Noah to Shem to Abraham to the Jewish People. At one point in history the Canaanites conquered the land and were there when the Children of Israel came from Egypt, but it was not theirs.
So why is there a claim that we are occupiers and thieves, generation after generation, up to today?
Here is the problem of all the nations!! They wanted this land to be like other countries and not conquered forever. But the Holy Land cannot be like other countries. It is the only country in the world that was given by G-d to one specific People - Israel. That is why the Land of Israel is sanctified and still belongs to the Jewish People, even after they were exiled for 2000 years. It is still our country. Even after we were thrown out of our land and went into exile, the Land continued to be ours.
The Land is not governed by the regular laws that govern other countries of the world. Any other country can be transferred from one nation to another, but not the Land of Israel.
Because of this claim by the nations of the world, the Torah begins with the story of the creation of the world to remind us that the world belongs to G-d and that He has the ability to change the essence of the land occupied by Canaan and to return it to Israel – forever.
Anyone who believes in G-d knows this is the truth.
Anyone who believes in G-d can understand that this Land belongs to Israel.
Anyone who believes in G-d knows that by accepting this fact, he is doing the will of G-d. He has the ability to join others working for the good of this Holy Country by participating in good activities and praying to G-d for the sake of the Holy Land. In so doing, he will be blessed by the blessing of  G-d to Abraham.
I pray that we will be worthy of good tidings, prosperity, and salvation.



Tuesday, 09 August 2016 16:56

Welcome-Page (EN)

The Center of Life

What can you find in "The center of Life" ?

I came to Israël at the age of 24, and since then have been living in Elon Moreh.
Elon Moreh is in the center of the country, the heart of the country, the center of Jewish history. 
Here it all began !

You will see in this site articles and stories which can strengthen you and connect you to this place, where the blessing was received.
I invite you to come and meet us.
In the merit of our forefather,  Abraham, there was and will be a blessing for the entire world.




Sunday, 26 June 2016 17:30

In the merit of Joseph...

In the merit of Joseph the Righteous

Joseph dreams a dream "Here the sun and moon and 11 stars are bowing down to me".
This dream he tells his father and brothers. Joseph immediately understands the meaning of the dream. He will be king and his mother and father (sun and moon)  and 11 brothers (the stars) will bow down to him. Yaakov knew this dream would come true, so he waited for it to happen. His anticipation was to speak positively and with hope. Why did he wait for Joseph to become king and for the brothers to bow down to him ?
What was Joseph's uniqueness ?
His uniqueness was that he remained righteous; when he was sold as a slave and was taken down to Egypt, when he was in prison, and when he was the king's assistant and ruled over the kingdom. He wasn't bothered by the world's difficulties because he clung to God.
Yosef was always thankful to God and saw His ways in the good and in the bad.The thankfulness we have for everything in our reality, for the good and the seemingly not good, changes our lives. Our strength is in our clinging to God without getting mixed up. Our strength is in our thankfulness for each and everything. And our strength is in our anticipation and awaiting.
With the help of God, we should merit to see "the light of Mashiach" in the way that each one sees it in his eyes and the coming of the true redemption.



Tuesday, 07 June 2016 17:10

The curses and blessings

The curses and blessings

I am standing here in front of Mount Grezem and Mount Aival.

Between these two mountains was the event of the blessings and the curses. The people of Israel left Egypt, from slavery to freedom, walked for 40 years in the desert, and entered the promised land.

Their first stop was here, between these two mountains. Here the Jewish people received again the Torah and here the Jewish people became responsible for each other.

What does the event of the blessings and curses come to tell us ?

The world has a Creator, who created laws. Laws of nature and laws of spirituality. Only one who created the world can give over the laws which of how one must act in his world. The blessings and the curses are actually God's guidances for these laws. The Torah is the source for all materialistic and spiritual abundance that comes down to the world. During the time of Exile, we don't see clearly the connection between the Torah and the abundance that flaws from it. This is because the Exile conceals this connection from us. In the redemption when the truth will be revealed, there will be great plentyfulness and peace in the world. The test of faith is to see and reveal, during the time of darkness and hiddenness when God's truth is hidden, the true character that we see in actual reality. We live in a period of time when the truth is hidden,when the votes are against the Jewish people, and they're looked at as if all the Arab problem is because of them. This is a period when the Jewish people are boycotted like a flook of sheep without any deep thought or investigation of the matter. Today's Europe is just a matter of time.

When will it be conquered by Islam ?

Maybe Europe wanted to make amends for the Holocaust ?

Maybe this is it's reason to be so humanitarian and to offer a home for any foreigner who has none. However, the reality is developing in a different direction. The numbers of aliens are becaming larger and they are bringing over their large families.Then they complain about the lack of hospitality and even ask you to make room for Islam, not always in a pleasant way, but rather usually in a violent way. So perhaps it is just a matter of time before Europe becoms Moslem, and then they will blame you for the conquest...

Then where will you go ?

Is it not absurd that we are blamed for our unwillingness to die ?!

And our unwillingness to give up on our home ?

The Holy Land is God's land that He promised to Abraham. We have been living ever since in the Holy Land. Jerusalem was founded by King David. Through at all the thousands of years, every Jew prays in the direction of Jerusalem.We were barely alive when we arrived in our land after the Second World War. Without any time for preparation ,the Arab nations opened up in war against us in 1948 because they refused to live together with us. Only through miracles of miracles, the few against the many ,the weak against the strong, did we win the war. We rose up and built a state . This is a state which contributes greatly to the entire world.

Miracles occur only when God decides to make them happen. The Holy Land is full of miracles .

This is a small proof of God 's Will that we should be here. God created man and instilled within him positive and negative powers. These are the laws of the Creator. Our battle as human beings is to get up every morning to fight and conquer all negative powers and to strengthan our good and positive ones.

 We will conclude with the blessing of our forefather, Abraham: "And all of the nations of the world will be blessed through you."

Abraham strengthens all the nations of the world in his words.  "Stand by my son and I will bless you with all that is good."

Only in this way will you be able to bring goodness to the world

Each one of you is a representative in God's world, a representative that can spread the goodness.

I bless you that you will be good emissaries in deeds, thought and prayer.

"Everything in the world - whatever exists and whatever happens -  is a test that is meant to grant you free choice."


Choose with wisdom...




Sunday, 10 August 2014 00:00


Thursday, 07 August 2014 00:00

The justed war

The war justed

Abraham arrived in the Holy land,where Lot he's nephew wae
for Kings.s kidnapped by th
Abraham had no choice, he had to fight the Kings to free his nephew.
He wins the war and releases Lot (Genesis).
Abraham was a man of kindness and hospitable,but when it was necessary he was a man of war.
Not so long ago we went through the darkest hour of the Holocaust, that killed six miljon Jews.
But G'd blessed us, we survived the inferno and we were able to go back to our land and bilt a homeland .
We as a nation don't want to make war, it's not our way. But as history has shown, as far back a Abraham battling to freedom his nephew Lot from the Kings that we can't rise up to the occasion of fighting and overcoming those who try to devour to destroy us. The evel forces are stille there, Through our existence since the state of Israel was decreed, again we had to go through horrific times, but no longer as victims who can't defend themselves.
We are not longer  victims, we are not conqueros either, but we have the right, the moral right to defent ourselves.
In the whole history of this little Jewish country we have had alot of wars, soldiers were kidnapped, civilians were murdered, 3 boys were kidnapped who just wanted to come home from scool, the whole country is under rocket bombardement.
We are the children of Abraham, and you can see it !
Where in the world would you see an army monitory their enemy before they attac ?
Where in the world would you see the army treats it's enemy's wounded ?
Where would you see a country given electricity and water to their enemys ?
we don't want to fight ! We want to leave in pease,but it is understandable that we can't give up our home.
Like Abraham you need to know that there  is time to be kindness and hospitablity,
but there  is olso a time to be determined and to fight.
The war against Hamas is a war against terrorism.
It's importent to understand that fighting these terrorist is fighting against the evel in the all world.
Elimination the terrorism will help the whole world.
There will come a time when the lamb will sit with the lion and all the peoples of the world will live in peace.
Till then we have a lot of work to do, and you can be the  the one who can help advance it.
You can be the importent voice !
How ?
You can help by suporting morality and justice, by express solidarity with us.
'Be blessed all the families of the earth' (Genesis)
This is the blessing of Abraham to all the nations of the world.
We hope for good news for us and the all world.



Sunday, 20 July 2014 00:00

Go, for your benefit

Go, for your benefit

The acts of the forefathers are a precursor for their descendants.
Everything that the forefathers of the nation underwent is a precursor to their descendants in all following generations, [guiding them] how to act and behave.
Abraham was the father of many nations, the original Patriarch. He underwent ten trials from God in order to test the greatness of his faith.
The final trial was the hardest of all; the Binding of Isaac.
The first trial was “Go, for your benefit, from your land and from your birthplace and from your father's house, to the land that I will show you.”
God intended that Abraham reach the Holy Land. The first steps he took were here, in Elon Moreh (Genesis) .
Everyone goes through trials in his life, but what is important is how we perceive the trial and what we do with it.

You can either choose to be a pessimist and see every opportunity as a difficulty or by contrast, to be optimistic and see every difficulty as an opportunity for growth.


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